How To Install A deviantArt Theme In Windows 7

Themes are a common way of enhancing and beautifying the desktop. There are many Windows themes that can be installed from a setup file easily. However, the more classy themes can be a bit difficult to install for the lay user. These include the stylish deviantART themes. In this post we will tell you how to install such themes in Windows 7.

With these easy steps, you can change your theme e.g. like the Mac theme below.

There are many tools that you can use for patching theme objects. But in essence you can perform this task with two of the following tools i.e. Windows 7 Start Button Changer and Windows Theme Installer. Simply download a desired theme and launch the portable Windows 7 Start Button Changer and click on Select & Change Start Button. This will allow you to select the start button file from the theme folder to replace the original Start Button. You can always revert back to the original button by selecting the Restore option.


You can apply the other elements of the theme with the help of  Windows Theme Installer. Just click on Browse and select the appropriate options from the theme folder. Mainly you would require changing the Theme and Explorer.exe file. Select these files from your themes folder and click Install Theme, followed by Apply Theme for the changes to take effect. In case you wish to revert to the old Windows style, you can select the default Aero theme from the right hand side menu.

Note: Make sure you backup your system before installing such themes as some of them can cause system issues. A mere System Restore in such a case, might not revert the changes.

Download Windows 7 Start Button Changer

Download Windows Theme Installer

Download White MAC Theme