Immediately Hide Active Program Windows And Mute Sound With Magic Boss Key

When working on content of confidential nature, it is necessary to keep it safe from prying eyes. Magic Boss Key is a free application that allows to instantly hide active program windows using the F12 hot key. Items can also be excluded from the list of content such as perhaps an open Excel sheet. This app is for people who work with confidential content in offices, the ones who might be interested in hiding their game applications when their boss visits their desk,  and for people who might simply like to hide their Facebook, Twitter or some other application Windows from some poking individuals. You can choose to hide games, commonly used programs, browser Windows, desktop icons and even the taskbar.

To hide any active items, launch Magic Boss and check the items that you would like to exclude from being hidden. For example, you may wish to keep your Excel sheet open if your boss suddenly arrives, while you might be interested in hiding the Chess Titans game. In such a case check the checkbox of the folder, application or browser that should be visible when you execute the command to hide the content. The default hotkey is F12, pressing F12 automatically hides unchecked items, whereas pressing F12 again, bring them back.

In case any of the application or folder does not show up in the list. Click on Refresh to reload the available items. The Options button enables downloading additional language files for changing the language of the Magic Boss Key, changing hotkey (the available options include F12 or left+right mouse click for show/hide functions), enabling the application on startup, disabling sound for hidden windows,  hiding taskbar and desktop icons. Being able to hide the taskbar is indeed a handy option. Although all unchecked content is hidden from the taskbar by default, however,  there still might be some important items still pinned to your taskbar which might be confidential in nature.

Magic Boss Key is a slick application that delivers a utility for a diverse range of users. It provides privacy for common home users, professionals at work and even lazy game playing employees. A very thoughtful feature of this app is the option to mute sound from a related application when it is hidden on the desktop. As when you hide a game window from your boss, the last things that you would like him to hear is “Die Alien Invaders, Die”.

It works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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