Remove Empty Folders From Your PC With Empty Folder Remover

Many a times when programs are uninstalled, they leave behind empty folders. These folders fragment the hard disk and reduce system functionality. The disk defragmentation tools merely piles up these folders and does not remove them. This can lead to significant clutter on a system and can lead to less hard disk space available in the primary drive. Empty Folder Remover is a Windows application that gets rid of these unnecessary folders by automatically scanning them within a selected directory.

To identify and remove empty folders, select a folder via the Open Folder button.

This will show a detailed result for the available empty folders within that directory. You can delete all or selected folders via the Delete Checked From Disk button. This way you can instantly get rid of unwanted empty folders in just a click.

This application has very simplified options for identifying and removing clutter in the form of empty folders within selected file directories, however, it would have been a lot better if the application allowed selecting a range of volumes (Disk Partitions) to identify and delete empty folders. While Empty Folder Remover has not been tested on Windows 8. however considering its compatibility with Windows 7, it should also work with Windows 8. This freeware works with all major Windows operating systems including the ones mentioned below.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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