Save Network Settings To Switch Between Networks Easily With JimIP Switcher

Most offices are secured by firewalls which require complicated proxy settings to use the internet. This creates a problem for users who find it troublesome to undo the proxy settings of their laptops which they take home (after a days work at office).

JimIP Switcher is a solution to this problem. It auto detect network settings for creating a network profile, which can be used to separately manage multiple connection settings (e.g. network settings for home, office and miscellaneous network). This means that you can easily connect to any network without having to manually reconfigure settings repeatedly. Each saved profile can be assigned a relevant name for easy identification of proxy and related settings. It also allows you to optionally configure a default printer, WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) Server and other such settings for a network profile, such as mapping a network drives.

Just launch JimIP Switcher and allow it to auto detect your network settings. Click the Add (+) button to add a profile. You can also ask your network or system administrator to save the settings manually for you. Since JimIP is a portable application, therefore, you can take it anywhere on a USB or portable media device with your saved settings.

JimIP Switcher works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download JimIP Switcher