Spotflux: Hotspot Shield Alternative That Removes Ads And Trackers

Spotflux is a software for desktop and mobile devices which removes ads, trackers and malware from attacking your device. Spotflux encrypts your internet traffic and performs cloud-based calculations to protect your mobile device or desktop/laptop computer from digital harm. Furthermore, it also acts as a VPN Service and you can also use Spotflux to access location restricted websites. In other words you can not only use this application for protecting your device from internet malware but also get rid of distracting ads that eat up your bandwidth and also access location restricted websites (e.g. U.S. only websites).


Protect Your Network From Malware And Access Restricted Websites

While Spotflux is mainly advertised as a malware protection software, I would like to consider it more of a VPN application that provides the utility to morph your actual network, as well as to access restricted websites in your country. In fact, it can be considered as a viable alternative for the heavily ad-supported Hotspot Shield or the monthly bandwidth restricted Tunnel Bear. Spotflux is quite easy to use and all you have to do is to install the application, launch it and click Enable.Enable SpotfluxAfter installation Spotflux sits in the system tray and can be disabled anytime from either the system tray menu or by launching the main screen and clicking the Disable button. You can also auto-enable Spotflux when you login to your computer, you can enable/disable this option via Settings.Spotflux system tray

Available For A Wide Range Of Devices

Spotflux is available for a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and will soon be released for Android devices.Spotflux Available For Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

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