View & Track Unwatched Subscribed YouTube Videos With YTWatcher

YTWatcher is a portable desktop software which allows you to view, manage and sort your subscribed, favorite and liked YouTube videos. It tracks unwatched videos from your subscriptions and plays them back to back. You can also share subscribed video via Facebook and Twitter .

When a video is played, YTWatcher records its duration and plays it from the exact point from where you left (in case the YTWatcher is closed).

Just login with your YouTube account via YTWatcher to start viewing pending videos from your subscriptions. You can switch between subscription and favorites mode (to watch  Favorite videos), Play , Pause and control current video volume from the status bar buttons at the bottom of the interface.


To change the order in which the videos are played, go to the Video drop down menu and select Change Order option. This menu also allows to Play/Pause or skip the current video, enable full screen mode, and share videos via Facebook and Twitter. These tasks can also be performed using the hotkeys, (such as F6 to Skip the current video).


Change Order option opens a new window which displays a list of all unwatched videos from your subscriptions. You can move videos in queue, as well as delete and mark unwatched for later by right-clicking on a video title.

Subscribed Videos

YTWatcher works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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