How do I split my MP3 recordings?


Question : How do I split my MP3 recordings? I have recently been trying to transfer music cassette tapes to MP3 format using Audacity ( I play the tape and set Audacity to record. While this works fine, unfortunately the Audacity software treats the album as one long track. Is there a way of taking the one long track and dividing it up into the dozen or so individual tracks that Continue Reading →

Publish Macromedia Director File

Question : Publish Macromedia Director File I have an .exe file that was the result of publishing a macromedia director movie. Without the original director files, is there any way to “decompile” the .exe back into the editable director movie format?   Solution: Publish Macromedia Director File  – If the .exe was created using Macromedia Director, it cannot be decompiled back to the .dcr file – If it was created using Continue Reading →