King Piccolo Successor – Piccolo Jr. Strike Event Guide



  • 3 dragon stones. One for completing each stage
Character Rarity HP ATK DEF Leader Skill Passive Skill

Piccolo Jr. – Heir to the Evil King
SR > SSR 5,990 6,092 3,966 PHY Type Ki +3 Rare chance to knock all opponents out

Cyborg Tao – Mercenarys Mettle
SR > SSR 5,111 6,008 3,122 STR Type Ki +3 Rare chance of increasing ATK by 50%

*Cyborg Tao has a small chance of appearing, and a very small chance of dropping.


Stage Difficulty Boss/ Type Stam Rank XP Unit XP Zeni
King Piccolo’s Successor Normal 8 150 1,486 4,510
King Piccolo’s Successor Hard 12 700 3,928 9,130
King Piccolo’s Successor Z-Hard 15 3,000 15,668 20,008

Extra Info and tips:

  • Before you can get to Piccolo JR you have to fight either TEQ Chiaotzu, AGL Yamcha, INT Chi Chi, TEQ Krillin, or STR Cyborg Tao
  • Z-Hard is relatively hard for beginners. Pick a full STR team and avoid fighting AGL Yamcha before Piccolo Jr
  • The harder the stage the better the chances of Piccolo Jr. – Heir to the Evil King dropping