Run Multiple Application Instances Simultaneously In Ubuntu Unity [Tip]

Workspaces in Ubuntu provide users the convenience of having multiple desktops to organize active windows and to easily perform tasks without a cluttered desktop. But this utility becomes limited as one can’t normally open multiple  instances of the same application in another workspace in Ubuntu Unity. In this post, I will provide you with an easy solution to this issues, which will allow you to run multiple instances of the same application within multiple workspaces. This tip was posted by Johneker in the form of a YouTube video (also embedded below).

Normally, when one tries to launch an application in another workspace, the screen is bounced back to the previous workspace. To avoid this problem, right-click on the application launcher lens and select All Applications (in a different workspace).


After that, select the required application from Unity Dash in a different workspace to run it.


This will enable you to run the same application in different workspaces in Ubuntu Unity.

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2011-07-21_16-02-37

For a video demonstration, check out the below video.