Test Drive Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot In A Browser Before Installing It

When a new version for an operating system is introduced, users are often reluctant to immediately switch to it. There are a number of reasons, which cause user reservations, including radical changes to the user interface, kernel issues, unstable repositories and lack of application support. This is perhaps most suitably applied to Ubuntu users who have been dealing with constant system issues since the inception of Unity. Moreover, users have Continue Reading →

Sync Ubuntu Files With Windows Using Ubuntu One Client For Windows

Ubuntu One is a widely used cloud storage service by canonical which works much like SugarSync and Dropbox. Ubuntu One comes installed with the Ubuntu operating system and also has apps for Android and iPhone. After a long era of success with Linux users, Ubuntu One has finally released a version for the Windows operating system. This means that you can easily sync your files between, Ubuntu, Windows, Android and Continue Reading →

Get Thunderbird Unread Mail Count In Unity Launcher With Unity Unread Count

Canonical has announced that Mozilla Thunderbird will be the default mail client for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric . For this reason, Thunderbird customization add-ons will hold more importance for Ubuntu users than ever before. Unity Unread Count is a Mozilla Thunderbird add-on which displays a mail count on the Unity Launcher. You can also, right click Thunderbird icon and get new quicklist items: Compose New Mail and access Contacts.