8GadgetPack: Get Windows 7 Gadgets In Windows 8

If you have used the final build of Windows 8, then you might have noticed that it has no gadgets like Windows 7. While Windows 7 provided users with a lot of handy gadgets like the clock, sticky notes and weather gadget, Windows 8 seems to have scrapped the concept altogether. This can be quite annoying for people who might be accustomed to using some of these handy gadgets (e.g. Continue Reading →

Encrypt And Save Your Notes To The Cloud With KNote

KNote is an advanced and secure note taking application that allows creating encrypted notes with images, videos, text, etc and provides the utility to publish it over the KNote website to be accessed by a given URL. Content can be saved to a note via simple drag and drop which makes it easy to save data in note form.

Sync Notes With Your PC, Android, iPhone, iPad & Linux With Doit.im

Doit.im is a note taking application for Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad which allows synchronizing notes between your computer, online account and mobile device. It allows settings tags, dates with notes, with options to schedule important notes. All notes are synced with your multiple devices via your Doit.im account.

Organize RSS, Shortcuts, Sticky Notes And More With SlideSlide

SlideSlide is a a portable application to create a distraction-free, dockable workspace with multiple containers which can carry your RSS feeds, desktop shortcuts, sticky notes, pictures, clipboard text, etc. It is highly customizable with options to create an instantly accessible and extensible workspace whilst allows adding multiple shortcuts, RSS feeds, pictures, reminders, notes, etc. The containers are re-sizable, detachable, and shrinkable which provides maximum flexibility to manage your content within Continue Reading →