How To Use iPad As A Keyboard Hotkey Panel For Mac


HotKeys is a free app for iPad and Mac, which allows using an iPad device as a keyboard shortcuts panel for Mac OS X. Considering the fact that many people use iPad as a companion device for OSX, the HotKeys app can further add to increasing productivity for users by making iPad as a tool to execute OS X hotkeys. This app comes with two pre-configured key packs, including one Continue Reading →

Get Wi-Fi And Data Usage Alerts On iPhone And iPad With DataMan

Many ISPs around the world have implemented a data cap on internet usage. This means that exceeding the data cap can result in a heavy charge that the user might only find out about at the time he/she receives the bill. Such data caps are also implemented by mobile phone carriers and one can easily run out of pre-paid credit or receive a phone bill that might hit you hard Continue Reading →

Get Face Detection And Volume Flash Features In iOS With ProCam

The Panorama Mode in iOS 6 is perhaps one of the only major improvements in the iPhone camera application. However, this does not mean that you cannot enhance your iPhone camera any further. ProCam is an iOS application that can be arguably rated as the “perfect camera app” for an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. Despite having a wide range of nifty camera features, ProCam provides an easy to Continue Reading →

Motorola Releases Waterproof Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 And 8.2 Tablets

When Apple released their New iPad model, little they would have expected such a tough competition. If you think that the Transformer Prime from ASUS is a big deal, or the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are giving Apple a raw deal, then check out Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2. Motorola’s Xyboard tablet line attempts to build an iPad competitor, with some slick and stylish features and a waterproof body. Unlike Continue Reading →

The New iPad: New Features, Technical Specifications And Review


If you have been wondering why Apple named its new tablet as The New iPad instead of iPad 3, then you need to hold this device in your hands. The New iPad is much like Windows 8, it is iPad Reimagined. In the wake of rising competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Asus Transformer Prime, Apple seems to have completely redesigned their iPad tablet. No wonder they named it something Continue Reading →