Disabling IPv4 and IPv6 on AIX

Question : Disabling IPv4 and IPv6 on AIX

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol Detected – UNIX/Linux Vulnerability

How do I disable anything related to IPv6 or 4 on AIX 6.1 and 5.3

I do not use IPv on our systems


Solution: Disabling IPv4 and IPv6 on AIX

Now that’s just a bit paranoid!

ndp is by no means running at your machine, as it seems, only the binaries are present  – which is normal for AIX, as they’re  part of bos.net.tcp.client.

Disabling binaries present in the filesystem?

You could of course delete or rename them (it’s /usr/sbin/ndp, /usr/sbin/ndpd-host and /usr/sbin/ndpd-router).
A simpler way would be to remove the execute bit (chmod ugo-x /usr/sbin/ndpd*), but I fear retina will complain nonetheless.

Removing the files is most probably the only way to get rid of the retina complaint.
But – this will last only up to the next AIX update (TL or SP) where the files will reappear.

It’s your choice!

And – what is ipv ? IP-Video??