How To Create, View And Edit Microsoft Office Files On Kindle Fire

If you are looking to view, create and edit Microsoft Office files on Kindle Fire, then here are a few methods to help make your Amazon tablet Office ready. While Amazon tablets by default do not provide support for opening MS Word, Power Point or Excel files, there are a number of workarounds you can use to get Office on Kindle Fire.

Install Apps From Google Play

One of the easiest method for making your tablet able enough to open unsupported files is to install Android applications from Google Play (Android Market). However, before you can do so you will have to root your Kindle Fire tablet and install Google Play on Kindl Fire. In case you want to root your tablet on Software version 7.2.3, then see this guide to root Kindle Fire on software version 7.2.3.

Kingsoft Office (Free)

This is a free Android app that provides the option to view and edit files from common formats like Doc, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS and XLSX on Android devices. Furthermore, you can also save documents as PDF documents and benefit from a range of other features such as spell checking, manual paint, Rich formatting picture editing operations like deleting, rotating, moving, zoom and more. In other words, if you have Google Play on your device, you can easily install Kingsoft to acquire support for MS Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to get Office on Kindle Fire.

Documents To Go (Free And Paid)

This is another Android app with a free and paid version that can be used for viewing native files for famous applications including; MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. While the free version of this app provides the utility to view such files, you can also opt for the paid version to edit, view and even create files from the aforementioned formats. This can be a good workaround to get Office on Kindle Fire.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer (Free And Paid)

ThinFree Mobile Viewer lite is a free Android application which allows viewing documents belonging to MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint formats. With this Android app you can send and view email attachments, acquire seamless integration with ThinkFree Online, as well as get support for Google Drive. ThinkFree Mobile also has numerous paid versions including the Pro and tablet version worth $8.17. With ThinkFree you can view, edit and create files from the Microsoft suite on your Android device,  create professional diagrams, apply transition effects and run animations on your presentations, insert objects (e.g. video clips), save files as PDF, annotate and highlight existing PDF documents and more.

Online Services

Using web based services is another good workaround for accessing and editing MS Office files. The below mentioned services also offer desktop and mobile apps.

Google Drive (Free)

As most of you must be aware Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) is a free web service for uploading, creating, viewing, editing and sharing Microsoft office and other file types  via the internet. Any user can simply sign in with a Google account and begin using the this service. Furthermore, G Drive even has desktop and mobile applications for this web service. These applications are available for devices like Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Office 365 (Paid)

While Google Drive is a pretty good option to access, edit and create your documents on the fly, a better alternative is to use the real deal. 365 is a web service by Microsoft which enables users to use the entire Microsoft suite online. While the service is not available for free, you can sign up for a free trial to test out the service yourself. Hence, this web service can be another good method for getting Office on Kindle Fire.

Box (Free And Paid)

Box is a famous cloud storage service that provides up to 5 GB of space for free users and offers many more benefits to premium users. One of the biggest advantages of using Box is that you can not only save your files online but also create, view and edit documents from Word, Excel and other file formats. Furthermore, Box also supports a wide range of other file formats including PDF, image, audio and video formats. Box also has applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. So if you are looking to get support for a wide range of file types on Amazon tablets, then Box might just be one of the best workarounds you can get.

Enterprise Web Services

There are also various web services that can be used by enterprise users to get support for unsupported documents on Kindle tablets. For example, you can use Office 365 or other online services which provide support for opening spreadsheets, presentations and other types of documents from any device with an internet connection and browser. Similarly, this may include web services like AzendooZoho and the like. Zoho has many web applications that allow organizing your documents, managing projects and coordinating with users online. As many organizations are looking into the possibility of switching to portable devices like tablets, the aforementioned web services provide the flexibility and convenience for end users to access various types of files on the go from any kind of device.