10 Best Halloween Games For Android

Halloween is upon us and it’s time to dress up for the festivities to ward off evil demons. Halloween is all about having fun and indulging in “spooky activities” that can make your day enjoyable! If you are an Android user who is looking for a fun way to make your Halloween special, then how about playing some spooky Android games. Below is a list of some creepy Android games that are guaranteed to make your Halloween experience, spine-chilling.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a zombie shooter game with some great Halloween content. This free game is available at Google Play and can be your most addictive past time this Halloween. The game takes you across various stages during which you get the chance to unlock a number of weapons. The game comes with fancy gadgets and equipment to help you survive the zombie ordeal to get back to your group’s hideout in time.

Dead Trigger

Dead Runner

Another eerie title starting with the word “dead” (what do you expect its Halloween), Dead Runner is another spooky game that can be just perfect to play this Halloween. In this game you wake up in a dark forest and find yourself surrounded with creepy sounds, which prompt you to do the bravest things possible, “run”. The game has a similar theme to Temple Run where the player has to endlessly run to survive. The aim is to gain speed to out-run the unseen evil. You can choose between three game modes including the following:

  1. Score based gameplay which grants points according to how long your survive.
  2. Points awarded according to orbs collected from across the forest.
  3. The Chase Mode entails the users to hold down a finger on the screen to maintain speed.

Dead Runner costs $0.99 at Google Play and if you liked Temple Run, then you might also enjoy playing this game.

Dead Runner


Another free game available at Google Play is Zombiewood. It is a dual-stick shooter which comes with 11 themed movie sets and as many as 10 game modes. The game is perhaps more comic than creepy as it provides some absurd outfits, interesting weapons and crazy zombies. The theme of the game is “Zombies invading Hollywood”. The rest I believe is quite predictable; the player has to rip through zombies. This game might not only be fun to play on Halloween but is also likely to keep you hooked beyond October 31st.

Zombie Wood

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

This Android game is based on the classic Sleepy Hollow story that follows Brom Bones ‘s rivalry with Ichabod Crane for the love of Katrina VanTassel. Set in the 1820s backdrop, the game provides more than 70 objectives and around 50 achievements to allow you to zap and torch your way through dozens of environments.

WARNING: This game uses a real time physics engine to compute marble behaviors and is therefore CPU intensive. For this reason people with old Android devices and low-end hardware may find it hard to acquire smooth functionality for this game.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Heroes Call

Heroes call is another action packed game that can keep you bust this Halloween. Heroes Call includes braving 30 dungeons, collecting gear, learning new skills and uncovering the hidden secrets of Brineside. Heroes Call can also be linked to Facebook in Tavern to sync play across numerous devices and to recover your game progress.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Looking for a first-person shooter to play this Halloween? Try Dark Meadow: The Pact. The game involves the storyline of Montclair Hospital which houses demons within the abandoned structure. Below is the link for the free version of this app which makes use of Tegra 3’s quad-core CPU and GeForce GPU.

Dark Meadow The Pact

Angry Birds Seasons For Halloween

That’s right, Angry Birds does have a spooky Halloween edition that can keep you busy this Halloween with some castle tumbling fun. While the game might be getting a bit too long, it seems to be adding new levels related to special yearly events. Angry Birds’ 2012 affair for Hallow’s Eve is a pretty good edition for both adults and children. You can update your existing app for the new levels or download it by clicking on the link given above.

Angry Birds Halloween Edition

Bubble Blast Halloween Edition

Many Android users might have played Bubble Blast but have you played the Halloween Edition? If you liked Bubble Blast then you might like the Halloween edition. If you are new to Bubble Blast, it is a puzzle game which lets players burst Halloween characters to trigger a chain reaction. The game has two modes, namely the Puzzle mode with 5000 levels and the Arcade mode which is to freely play the game.

Bubble Blast Halloween Edition

Coin Dozer Halloween

If you want some entertainment without getting frustrated by gameplay difficulty, then this is just the right game for you. The game requires the player to drop coins into the graveyard to get treats and prizes, while avoiding the glowing side pits where monsters could be lurking.


The Great Pumpkin Festival

Coming to fun games for kids, The Great Pumpkin Festival is something less spooky and more cuddly that can be quite suitable for young ones celebrating Halloween. This free Android game is about pumpkin carving. In the game, players can dress up numerous characters (from the Peanuts) to carve pumpkins, as well as share and vote for the best posted items.

Warning: In this game you can also use coins which can be acquired through in-app purchases, so watch out where your little ones tap!

The Great Pumpkin Festival