Broly – The Berserker That Brings Destruction Guide

If you have a team that you have used to beat Broly please add it to the team recommendations list.

Rewards & Drops:

  •  4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage
  • The event Specific Dokkan medal  
CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill
Broly – Lurking HorrorSR > SSR6,2246,2122,997ATK increased by 13% for all TypesATK +20% when turn begins
VVVDokkan AwakenVVV
Super Saiyan Broly – Unleashed ForceUR8,1007,1003,700ATK increased by 20% for all TypesATK +30% when turn begins


Quest NameDifficultyBoss/ TypeDropsStamRank XPUnit XPMin Zeni
Prologue to RuinNormal101908005,200
Prologue to RuinHard158901,50010,200
Prologue to RuinZ-Hard204,0006,00022,500
Awakening BeyondZ-Hard 4020,00015,00045,000
The Demon ReturnsSuper Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

3rd Battle:




‘Prologue to Ruin’ is pretty normal for an event battle, you’ll want to build your strongest STR team and go for it. ‘Awakening Beyond’ on the other hand is next to impossible unless your willing to spend a lot of Dragon Stones (more than 4-5 Dragon Stones) or have the right characters to build a solid team against him (your best AGL team probably won’t be good enough). You’ll want to pick characters with the Link Skill – Blazing Battle: Nullify ‘Rampage’ & ATK +15%, and the Passive Skill – Nullify “Rampage”. These skills remove Broly’s ‘Rampage’ which gives him a huge Defense and ATK boost.

The Demon Returns: This stage is insanely hard, watch the videos below to get an idea of what it takes to take him down

Units with ‘Burning Fight’ Link Skill

Units with ‘Nullify Rampage’ Link Skill

Team Recommendations:


40 Stam

50 Stam