Chobblesome Meaning Explored As Grian Premieres The Broken Bridge

Chobblesome Meaning Explored As Grian Premieres The Broken Bridge

Minecraft YouTuber Grian has been a member of and contributor to the whitelisted server Hermitcraft since its sixth season began in July 2018. In the most recent episode, which aired on June 23, 2022, Grian coined the term “chobblesome,” the meaning of which has perplexed not only his fellows but all viewers.

So, what does the term “chobblesome” mean?

Minecraft “Chobblesome” meaning explained

According to Grian, “chobblesome” is defined as “something to be positively talked about” – it’s an adjective, the meaning of which is similar to “noteworthy” or “remarkable”.

“Chobblesome” has since been added to Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia

The term “chobblesome” is now included in Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary. However, neither the English-language nor the Dutch Wikipedias have any pages for the phrase. Several readers who commented on this topic on Reddit first described the construction of Wikipedia pages as rough, as one might expect.

Chobblesome is a thing now! After all, aren’t all words made up? *wink wink* from HermitCraft

“Chobblesome” is also in the Urban Dictionary awaiting approval. However, Reddit’s post promoting this fact has been removed from the site at least temporarily because it violated the forum’s seventh rule, “Don’t spoil Grian’s new video within the last two days.”

What does it take to officially define a new word?

Every day, the English language grows (nearly) greater. Merriam-Webster has added 455 new words to its dictionary for October 2021, many of which originated in internet forums. Other are abbreviations; others are adaptations of old words; and some new words become new words when the world begins to use them in large numbers, such as covid-related terminology.

So that appears to be the requirement: widespread and established use. To properly inscribe the meaning of “chobblesome,” more people must use it over a longer period of time.

Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft "chobblesome" term
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18 November 2011[a]
Genre(s)Sandbox, survival
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