Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – General FAQ

When is x event happening? Events last about 1-2 weeks. If you missed an event don’t stress, it will come back within the next 2 months (except for summon events). The only way to know off what the next event will be is to find out what the next one was by looking at what the japan version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle had next (Japan version is further ahead than the global version). But there isn’t always a 100% guarantee that the global version will follow the japan version.

Short of buying them how can I get more Dragon Stones?

You get dragon stones from gifts, missions, completing most battles for the first time, missions or by purchasing them. Either spend your dragon stones on expanding your box space so you can hold more characters or on character pulls (during pull events). You can spend your Dragon Stones to refill your stamina or revive after dying in battle but this can be a waste unless you have a super rare item you need or you refill your stamina to run a special event over and over.

When does the nest stage come out?

If you have completed the story mode up to the last quest congratulations! Bandai normally releases a new stage every 4-8 weeks. In the mean time you can try complete it again on hard and z-hard. Or complete special event stages multiple times to max the dropped characters Special ATK to level 10, run Korin’s tower and awakening medal stages to try max all your units, or even try win the tournament.

How do I get more Zeni?

The most effective way to gain bulk zeni is to wait for Hercule’s special event to come around on the weekends. He is there for the whole weekend and his stage is littered with zeni, plus the battles give a hefty about of zeni as well so don’t avoid them!

What is the characters rarity?

A units max level depends on its rarity: N -> 20, R -> 40, SR -> 60, SSR -> 80, UR -> 100.

N = Normal

R = Rare

SR = Super Rare

SSR = Super Super Rare

UR = Ultra Rare

If you awaken a  character their rarity goes up by 1, so an SR unit will become an SSR unit. This means they can be leveled another 20 levels and their stats can be raised more (most characters can only be z-awoken once). Further from this some characters can be Dokkan Awakened after they are z-awakened. If they are dokkan awakened then their level will go back down to 1, they can then be leveled to their max level again and be z-awakened for a second time to gain another rarity jump. Flow chart of an SR unit with levels it has to go though to be awakened twice: SR LVL 1-60 > z-awaken > SSR LVL 60-80 > dokkan awaken > SSR LVL 1-80 > z-awaken > UR 80-100

How do I get awakening items?

Awakening items are found throughout stages. If you want to get awakening items faster you can do the daily awakening medal events.

Tell me about the dragon balls. The dragon balls grant you wishes of course! Go to the homepage and click on the Shenron icon to the left of the big quest button. If you click on a dragon ball it will tell you the stage it’s hidden in. Once you collect all 7 dragon balls you get to make a wish from a list of wishes:

  • I want more allies! – Increase character inventory space by 10, receive 10 Dragon Stones
  • I want a bunch of items! – Receive the following 19 Training Locations and 95 Support Items
    • Training Locations: 1 Supreme Kai’s Planet(50k EXP), 3 Snake Way(15k EXP), 5 Kami’s Lookout(10k EXP), 10 Korin’s Tower(5k EXP)
    • Support Items: 5 Videl for each attribute, 5 World Tournament Announcer for each attribute, 5 Oolong/Puar for each attribute, 5 Cargo, 5 Ultra Recovery Drink, 5 Super Recovery Drink, 5 Recovery Drink
  • I want a stronger team! – Increase team cost by 10 and get the following 30 Awakening Medals
    • Kami, 5 Grand Elder Guru, 5 Babidi, 5 Bibidi, 5 Korin, 1 Kibito, 1 West Kai, 1 South Kai, 1 East Kai, 1 North Kai
  • I want help in battle! – Expand quest inventory and allows 2 copies of each Support Item to be brought on missions.

I recommend you first choose extra support items in battle to help out when you first start and last should be asking for more allies (later in the game it’s harder to get dragon stones compared to early on).

What’s the best way to get a Super Attack to +15 on a Dokkan Awakened Strike event character?

For this example we will pretend we are trying to get an SA 15 Vegeta – Noble Prince

The 2 easiest ways to get this done are:

1. Get one Vegeta – Saiyan Elite SA level to 10 and collect the 7 event medals to dokkan awaken him. Then repeat this process but only get the SA of the second Vegeta to level 5. Now you have 2 Vegeta – Noble Prince cards, one with an SA of 10 and one with an SA of 5. Train one to the other for a guaranteed SA 15 Vegeta – Noble Prince. This will cost 14 Vegeta strike event medals and 15 Vegeta – Saiyan Elite.

2. The second option is more for those that struggle on the stage that drops the strike event dokkan medal. First get one Vegeta – Saiyan Elite SA level to 10 and collect the 7 event medals to dokkan awaken him. From here Dokkan the Vegeta to get Vegeta – Noble Prince with an SA of 10. Then instead of collecting another 7 dokkan medals which might be too much of a struggle for some. You can instead feed it its non Dokkan cards (in this case Vegeta – Saiyan Elite) and z awaken him for a 50% chance of raising the Dokkaned cards SA +1. This takes only 7 awaken medals but means you will most likely need more than 15 Vegeta – Saiyan Elite cards and might have to z awaken a few before it works. Most people get a second Vegeta – Saiyan Elite and raise its SA to 5 and feed it off for a 50% chance to add SA +5 to the Dokkaned card.