Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia: release date and confirms new banners

Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia release date

Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia will release on July 13, 2022. Summer Fantasia, version 2.8 will reintroduce the Golden Apple Archipelago. By completing the included quests, you will have the opportunity to recruit Fischl, a four-star playable character, to your party for free.

Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia confirms new banners

We’ll see Yoimiya , Klee, and Kazuha make a return, alongside the debut of Shikanoin Heizou.

Yoimiya, Klee, and Kazuha will be available by the time the update arrives, but we’ll have to wait until the second part of the 2.8 update for Yoimiya.

Heizou is a secondary character for Kazuha and Klee’s banners Leaves in the Wind and Sparkling Steps.

In addition to adding the new character, the upcoming update will also add story moments and events featuring Heizou and others.

“While you have a good time on the islands with other characters, Version 2.8 allows you to bond with even more friends, old and new,” Yi said. “Diluc, Kaedehara Kazuha, and the brand-new playable four-star character Shikanoin Heizou will show up in the latest events and stories.”

Summertime Odyssey seasonal event

The significant Summertime Odyssey seasonal event will begin in the upcoming update with Mona , FischlKaedahara Kazuha, and Xinyan .

Genshin Impact wiki :

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