Hero Extermination Plan Evil Powers Strike Back– Hatchiyack Event Guide

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Complete all stages and get:

CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill
Whis – Puzzle Wrapped in EnigmaSSR > UR8,7426,7563,558AGL Type HP & DEF +50%All HP recovery only once when HP is 30% or below

Super Vegeta – In Pursuit of Change
SR > SSR5,3946,2203,566All Types Ki +2 when HP is 80% or belowATK +25% when Ki meter is 5 or more



  • If you see a red triangle over characters you want to choose for your team or as a helper captain, that means the stage restrictions don’t allow that character.
  • “Heroes” are the biggest restriction in these stages. Basically you cant have any good guys on your team.
  • “Extreme Types” are characters that have been Awakened.
  • If you need a “rainbow team” that means you need one of each type of character on your team.
  • Remember you can choose who is in your team before the stage starts by clicking on the circling arrows on your current team. This will allow you to swap characters and show you who is allowed in the stage and who isn’t.
#StageStam/ DifficultyBossRank XPUnit XPZeni
1Transmogrified Monster10 Hard5901,0007,100
2Youth With a Future10 Hard6001,5008,200
3Golden Combination12 Hard7001,8009,400
4Seasoned Martial Artist12 Hard7102,00010,800
5The Righteous Shen Style13 Hard7604,00011,400
6Venerable Master Roshi13 Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle
7Bond of Master and Disciple14 Hard8205,50013,800
8Technique Beyond Limit14 Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
9A Legendary Fighter15 Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
10The Boy From the Future15 Hard8907,50016,300
11One Who Wields True Power15 Hard9008,00017,400
12Unstoppable Parent and Child15 HardAGL Super Vegeta
PHY Super Trunks
13Devastating True Power15 Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
14Strongest Under the Heavens16 Z-HardINT Goku
AGL Goten
TEQ kid Trunks
INT Vegeta
INT Fat Buu
15Paragon of Justice16 Z-Hard3,10016,00024,200
16Strength of the Sanctuary18 Z-Hard3,40017,00025,500
17Fusion for justice18 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
18Limit-Smashing Super Saiyan18 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
19God of All Saiyans20 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

20In Defiance of the Heaven20 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
21The Power of the Majin22 Z-HardSTR Uub
INT Fat buu
22Proud Bloodline22 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:
23Explosive Parental Bond22 Z-Hard1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

Dokkan Awaken:

The following charactes Dokkan Medals are exclusive to this event.

Super Saiyan Trunks Teen – Super Saiyan From the Future


Super Saiyan Trunks Teen – Future-Carving Power

Super Saiyan Gohan teen – Successor of the Strongest


Super Saiyan Gohan Youth – Soaring New-Generation

Super Saiyan Goku – Supreme Warrior Awakened


Super Saiyan Goku – Leaping Ever Higher

Super Saiyan Vegeta – Pride Regained


Super Saiyan Vegeta – Reclaim the Summit

Piccolo – Namekian Rage


Piccolo – A True Master’s Dignity

Extra info/ tips:

  • The Z-Hard stages are for a challenge for more advanced players.
  • We found for Z-hard the best approach is to use leaders that boost HP by 30% or more, choose mostly UR units that are DEF buffs like Janemba and Golden Frieza – Golden Emperor and make use of the huge HP boost by choosing support items that reduce damage and heal a good % of health or all health.
  • If you cant beat the stage don’t use Dragon Stones to revive, this is a waste. There is always next time. Instead save the stones for summoning stronger characters so you can beat it next time.