How to Deal Toxic Damage Kills and Get the Taq-56 Camo in Modern Warfare Zombies

modern warfare zombies Toxic Damage

The Taq-56 Camo, a highly sought-after cosmetic item in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, requires players to achieve 250 kills using Toxic Damage. While this objective may seem straightforward, it presents a unique challenge due to the limited methods of inflicting Toxic Damage in the game.

How to Deal Toxic Damage Kills and Get the Taq-56 Camo in Modern Warfare Zombies

Method 1: Brain Rot Ammo Mod

The Brain Rot ammo mod is the easiest way to score toxic damage kills in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. When you have this mod equipped, your bullets become toxic, and when you shoot a zombie, it will turn into an ally for a short period. The zombie will attack other enemies with its toxic attacks before eventually dying.

To obtain the Brain Rot Ammo Mod:

  • Complete contract rewards such as High-Value Target, Raid Weapon Stash, Escort, Defend Ground Station, Aether Extraction, and Spore Control.
  • Take over Infected Strongholds.
  • Destroy Aether Nests.
  • Open loot caches.

Another way to obtain the Brain Rot Ammo Mod is through Elemental Pop Soda, which gives you a random ammo mod. However, since it’s a random chance, it’s recommended to directly obtain the Brain Rot ammo mod using the methods mentioned earlier.

Method 2: Experimental Gas Grenade

The Experimental Gas grenade is a tactical equipment that can be unlocked by completing five daily challenges. It releases a lingering cloud of gas that causes slowed movement, blurred vision, coughing, and toxic damage over time (DOT). While the DOT isn’t particularly strong, it can be useful against enemies that are already low on health.

To use the Experimental Gas grenade effectively:

  • Aim for enemies that are already weakened.
  • Take advantage of the slowed movement and blurred vision caused by the gas to finish off weakened enemies.

Remember to use this tactical gear strategically to maximize its effectiveness in dealing toxic damage.

With these strategies and methods, you should be well-equipped to score plenty of toxic damage kills in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies and unlock the Taq-56 Camo. Good luck on your journey!