Modern Warfare Zombies Guide: How to Get and Use the Energy Mine Field Upgrade

Modern Warfare 3 Energy Mine Field
Images via Activision

In Modern Warfare Zombies, the Energy Mine Field Upgrade is a powerful tool that can help you deal with hordes of zombies and mercenaries. This guide will explain how the Energy Mine works and provide strategies for maximizing its effectiveness.

Modern Warfare Zombies Guide: How to Use the Energy Mine Field Upgrade

Energy Mine Basics

The Energy Mine is your default Field Upgrade, available from the start of your mission. It fills up as you eliminate zombies, rapidly accumulating kills to power up its devastating effects.

  • Activation: Once the Energy Mine bar is full, press the designated buttons (e.g., X + R2) to deploy the Mine.
  • Affect on Zombies: The Mine pulls nearby zombies toward its center and releases three pulses of energy, dealing critical damage akin to C4 or a frag grenade.

Strategic Use of Energy Mine

The Energy Mine is most effective against large zombie hordes, especially during exfils. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Exfil Farming: After the helicopter leaves during an exfil, wait for two minutes to reset the scenario. This grants you consecutive waves of zombies, perfect for farming Mine Field Upgrades and completing kill-based missions.
  • Prioritize Strongholds: Focus on Mercenary Strongholds over convoys. The confined spaces of strongholds create bottlenecks, making it easier to deploy Energy Mines strategically and eliminate multiple threats at once.
  • Mission: ‘Mineflayer’ (Act One: Tier Three): To complete the ‘Mineflayer’ mission, kill 25 zombies and 15 mercenaries. Follow these steps:
    • Zombie Kills: Farm Mine Field Upgrades during exfils for quick zombie kills.
    • Mercenary Kills: Visit Mercenary Strongholds for easy kills. Build up the Energy Mine bar on low-threat zombies nearby before storming the stronghold.
Images via Activision

To take your gameplay to the next level, consider these advanced strategies:

  • Precision Deployment: Aim the cursor where you want the Energy Mine to land before releasing the buttons. This ensures maximum impact on high-priority targets.
  • Combo Attacks: Combine Energy Mines with other weapons or equipment for devastating combos. For example, weaken a group of zombies with your primary weapon before deploying the Mine for an efficient wipeout.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse in Modern Warfare 3 requires skill, strategy, and the clever use of Field Upgrades. Master the Energy Mine, and you’ll be one step closer to completing challenging missions and dominating the undead hordes. Good luck, soldier!