Problem : FFXI sorting the inventory

Problem : FFXI sorting the inventory

When I open up my items and inventory and want them to consolidate items, It has + AutoSort, Manual Sort on the right side, but I can’t figure out how to use it.

I press + with all kinds of combos and nothings.

I use the compact keyboard on a laptop. I’ve done this in the past (2 years ago, but have forgotten so much!) LOL.

Anyway, how do I do it?


Solution : FFXI sorting the inventory

The answer is you open your storage or inventory or items or what not, then you depress the “f” key. This then puts you on the auto-sort panel on the right where you can arrow down to the option desired and press enter to sort.

So the “F” key is the answer I was looking for.

The + key has nothing to do with the compact keyboard.