SmartPixel: Game Recording And Easy Video Editing Software

The game videos are very popular on the video sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch, the gamers are willing to spend lots of time on creating gaming videos or tutorials to share with others and thus they get lots of subscriptions and comments. Through game videos the gamers could interacted very well. However, good game videos need not only professional skills to play games, but also unique thoughts on video editing.

Common PC gamers can record game videos with a game recording software. However, it’s hardly to attract attention if they are uploaded directly online without being properly edited. How to make wonderful highlights game videos? An easy to use yet affordable game video recording and editing software is SmartPixel.


SmartPixel is a very easy to use screen recorder and video editor. With D3D recording technology it offers powerful features to help gamers record nearly all the popular PC games. Some of its main features are as follows:

• Capture screenshots from your desktop and webcam
• Record, preview and playback recordings
• Area, full screen and PIP mode (allow users live comment via webcam and microphone while game video recording)
• Configurable Resolution, Frame rates and screen brightness
• Capture mouse movement
• Custom recording hotkeys
• Rich audio and video effects
• Split, merge and trim video clips
• Fast/Slow Playback
• Dubbing for video
• Small file size (Less than 300MB per minute)
• High performance software, which is not resource intensive
• Upload to Facebook and YouTube

As a game video recording and editing program, SmartPixel offers fully configurable recording settings for gamer to adjust according to their hardware condition and requirements to record game videos without any lag, it is a very useful gaming tool for the PC gamers.


You can download SmartPixel from the link given below. This video recording software works with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Download SmartPixel