X Men Origins: Wolverine Game Review

I was pretty disappointed to watch X Men Origins: Wolverine movie. But the game just seems to have everything that the movie did not. Other than a stylish and well balanced game play, it offers a more in-depth view into the the lead up to the transformation of the Wolverine character into a super hero.

The game begins in Africa where Logan aka Wolverine falls from a helicopter and chops down a soldier on his way to the ground. The initial stage seems to be too easy until you run into some issues regarding moving on to the next stage, which seems to be the case with every strategy game. Nonetheless, thanks to internet screencast videos, that problem is now resolved. To win this game you can check out my compilation of the Step by Step Video Guide To Win X Men Origins Wolverine.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine Game

The game changes gear as you proceed and things really get warmed up with the introduction of the rock monster Leviathan. Over the course of the game you are forced to change your strategy to become more effective and to proceed to the next level. the final match is with the big bossDeadpool aka Weapon 11.

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The only problem with this game is that it can become a bit monotonous and one does get stuck often to find ways to proceed to the next level. For instance, in one stage I had to find and drag a battery from a catwalk to a power source to open the door. Thanks to a screencast I was able to find out how that works. If you would like to avoid this trouble, see the below links. Take X Men Origins Wolverine for a spin and see if you like it more than the movie.

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