10 Best Online Resources To Help You Start As A Freelance Writer

You may be an excellent writer with lots of ideas bubbling in your mind, but you aren’t worthy enough if your online presence is zero. There are a lot of freelance websites which pay to newbie writers. Today I will share some of the best writing sites which can help you build your online writing profile.

10 Best Online Resources To Help You Start As A Freelance Writer

Before that some helpful tips for your writing career: Please note that in order to work online as freelance writer, you need to be passionate, innovative and professional in your approach. Try to provide unique content that stands out and gets “noticed”.

Without further ado, following are the 10 websites that can help you in creating your portfolio as a writer.

Squidoo.com is a user friendly website with lots of community spirit and help available on the forum. It’s based on the principle of lens and lens makers. ‘Lens’ are the creative piece of writing and the writer is known as ‘lens maker’. Lens masters can promote their websites and blogs too depending upon their interest. Some lens makers even earn four figure sums ($) each month.

Suite101.com is an interactive site that invites the writers to share the topics of their interest. This website works on a collaborative model where revenue is generated with the help of ads and distributed among the writers. It covers all the subject matters and offers a wide variety of topics to write about.

HubPages.com calls the creative articles Hubs and the writers who share them Hubbers. In order to get noticed by a huge number of readers, HubPages strongly recommends the Hubbers to share high quality, search friendly content.

Freelancewriting.com is one of those great sites where you can find writing guidelines for almost every topic. They have a huge number of links leading to other websites and lots of information for newbie writers to begin with.

Scriptlance.com is one of the famous landing website for writers. Most freelancers prefer to begin their career from here as they want an outstanding start. With such a larger number of writers, there seems to be loads of competition and writers prefer to sell themselves really cheap. So if you are expecting to generate some revenue from scriptlance; try to be outstanding. Don’t sell yourself cheap!

Brighthub.com offers science and technology articles along with education lesson plans shared by writers. They have an editor based model where you need to pitch articles and get permission from editors to write on some specific topic.

About.com is an awesome website which provides diverse topics to write on. Write anything about health, food, education, technology, hobbies, games etc and they will accept it. After creating your account as writer, the editorial team provides tough training, but once you are fully trained, you can earn up to six hundred Dollars per month.

Demandstudios.com requires just the right talent and ambition to become a successful writer for their website. You can begin by signing up a simple form and get access to the writer’s section. Based on it’s popularity, this website is a must visit!

Wisegeek.com is a straightforward website with a wise slogan ‘Clear answers for common Questions’. They offer a lot of appealing facts which are helpful in increasing one’s general knowledge. In order to become a writer and make an earning from this website, you need to answer some common questions. If you give correct answers for those questions they will pay you!

And in case you are about to begin your writing career as a Freelancer, then you can find some free useful writing tips from Write a Writing.