10 Best YouTube Enhancing Extensions For Google Chrome

YouTube extensions can be a fun way of enhancing the functionality of YouTube. In this post I will provide you with an overview of the 10 best YouTube extensions which can help you enhance your video streaming experience. The following extensions include everything from YouTube Video Downloaders, to video customizing extensions.

Youtube Video Preview is a Google Chrome extension that enables getting a video preview by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail of a video image on a YouTube page (e.g. search result). This makes it easy to get rid of the biggest irritant on YouTube, i.e. the identification of fake videos. Simply hover your mouse over a video, in order to see more clips within the video thumbnail. You can find out more about this extension here.

Install: YouTube Video Preview

Fastest Tube is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari And Opera users that that allows downloading YouTube videos in MP4, as well as in FLV format. Unlike many other extensions, it provides a clean download button below the YouTube video, which makes it appear like a built in option. You can get more information about this great extension here.


Install Fastest Tube Extension


MultiPart Tube is a Chrome extension which shows an option at the bottom of the current video, displaying other parts that can be played after the current video ends. This way you can automatically play the next YouTube related video (such as the second part of a video).



Install MultiPartTube


Smart Video Enlarger is a Chrome extension, which lets you decide the best suitable size of video player by rolling the scroll wheel in upward and downward direction.



Install Smart Video Enlarger


Search On YouTube is a Chrome extension which allows searching and watching YouTube videos  within a pop-up window.


Install Search On YouTube


YouTube Options for Google Chrome lets you hide multiple features on multiple video sharing sites, such as video ads, annotations, allows disabling auto play, fixes viewing size of video, hide headers, descriptions, comments, footers, video suggestions and adds a download options.

Install YouTube Options for Google Chrome


Mouse Over YouTube Thumbnails Plays Videos opens a YouTube video in a pop-up when you hover your mouse over a video thumbnail. This enables users of having a preview of the video before opening it.


Install Mouse Over YouTube Thumbnails Plays Videos


Better YouTube enhances the video streaming experiences on YouTube by reducing clutter and giving a minimalist look. hides almost everything on normal youtube.com/watch pages, inserts a little control panel in the top right of the page, and adds the first five suggested videos if the “suggestions” section is hidden. Both this top five list and the control panel are tied to a mouse over effect which makes them less visible until needed.


Install YouTube Simplified


YouTube Feed notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube Homepage Feed.


Install YouTube Feed


Auto Replay For YouTube adds an auto replay checkbox and also allows replaying  certain part of the video, as well as the whole video.



Install Auto Replay For YouTube