Manage, Create, And Edit Google Docs Documents From Chrome Pop-Up

Google Docs Viewer is a Chrome extension which enables users to manage, create, and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc (stored in Google Docs) within a pop-up window. This eliminates the need of having to visit the Google Docs website periodically for management of your documents.

Once installed, you can access files by clicking on the button next to the address bar. The best part of this extension is that you can create a document, presentation,or spreadsheet without having to open Google Docs in a new window or tab, of the Chrome browser. To create a document on the fly, click Add button (green + sign), specify type of document, and start adding content.

With this extension installed, you can open supported documents from numerous websites (in Google Docs via right-click context menu), including the ones you may come across in a search engine result.

A summary of the feature of this extension are listed below:


  • You can display your list of documents within a browser action popup.
  • You can mark (star) documents on the fly.
  • You can instantly search and sort your lists.
  • You can view, rename and delete existing documents.
  • You can create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • It provides a configurable auto-refresh, which displays the total number of documents that you have.

Google Docs Viewer is a useful extension for Chrome and Google Doc users who might find it handy to manage Google Doc documents within a Chrome pop-up window. For more information and installation of this extension, visit the link given below.

Google Docs Viewer Extension for Google Chrome