Best Free Software For Taking Screenshots

There are many free software that provide excellent screenshots which can be utilized by authors, for creating presentations, capturing content for analysis, grabbing restricted images from the internet and so on. Some people who are […]

News And Reviews

At&t Hits Back At Verizon i-Phone 4 (Video)

At&t just launched a commercial in response to the recentVerizon i-Phone hype. Not to mention that Verizon’s i-Phone broke their all time sales records in just 2 hours of its release. Now At&t  has responded […]

Internet And Social Media

How To Avoid The 10 Deadly Malware Types

From its humble yet massive advent in computers since the 1980s, the computer virus has grown to be become a more formidable and stealthy creature of the cyber world. Malware over the passage of two […]