Five Easy Ways To install Software In Ubuntu & Debian Linux

There are many ways one can install software in Ubuntu and Debian. But new users find it hard to do so.In this post I will tell you how to install software in Ubuntu and Debian Linux in five easy ways.

The easiest way to install a software in these operating systems is to go to the Software Center from Applications –> Accessories-> Terminal and to click install next to a software of your choice. You can look up for desired software by typing a name such as Dropbox from the search bar in the Software Centers. If you are using Unity Launcher, then type Software Center in the dash.


Another easy way is to go to the Ninite website, select the desired software and click Get Installer. This website provides an easy method of installing essential software instantly. To visit Ninite, Click Here.

Ninite for Linux - Google Chrome

Another website which has even more packages is Appnr. To visit Appnr to download essential packages, Click Here.

Appnr - Get Ubuntu Applications! - Google Chrome

Another easy way of installing multiple software and repositories in Ubuntu and Debian is to use Bleeding Edge. It allows selecting various widely used software and installing them in a click. Bleeding Edge also provides the option to purge outdated packages to remove system clutter. To learn how to use Bleeding Edge, Click Here.


Finally, you can use the Terminal and download software from command line. It is obviously impossible to remember an infinite number of commands for downloading software. That’s why you can copy paste the commands to a Terminal window. Mostly available commands are shown on the developers website. Bloggers like me also provide commands when reviewing software. Sometimes a software which may not install easily from a Graphical User Interface (GUI) like the Ubuntu Software Center can be installed from the Terminal. Terminal installations are also less resource intensive than GU installations. You can checkout the various applications reviewed on WML Cloud from the Linux category and install applications from the given commands in a snap by copy pasting them turn by turn in the Terminal. The Terminal can be accessed from Applications –> Accessories-> Terminal in Ubuntu. If you are using Unity, you can write software Center or Ubuntu Software Center in the Dash.


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