Fully Tweak Ubuntu Linux With Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is perhaps the best and most comprehensive tweaking application for the Ubuntu operating system.

It can be used to configure Ubuntu easily for a more enhanced user experience, as it provides many useful desktop and system options that are not present by the default in the Gnome desktop environment. I have covered many Ubuntu tweak tips and tricks in numerous posts individually which you can check out here. In this post I will provide you with a generic overview of all the Ubuntu Tweak features which can help you enhance your Ubuntu experience.

The complete list of  features of the Ubuntu Tweak are as follows:

Features of Ubuntu Tweak

  • You can view Basic System Information including the distribution packages, Kernel, CPU, Memory and the like.
  • It allows you to acquire GNOME Session Control.
  • You can control programs which may attempt to auto start when Ubuntu logs in.
  • It allows you to instantly install many useful applications.
  • It allows you to change the login screen background image.
  • You can purge unwanted PPAs and system cache to free hard disk space.
  • You can show, hide and change the Splash Screen.
  • You can show and hide desktop icons or mounted volumes
  • You can show, hide and rename computer, home, trash or network icons.
  • It allows tweaking with Metacity Window Manager’s style and behavior.
  • It allows managing Compiz Fusion settings, Screen Edge Settings, Window Effect Settings, Menu Effect Settings, etc.
  • You can set applications to be archived quicker.
  • You can tweak GNOME Panel,  Nautilus, advanced power management and system security and settings.

I personally found Ubuntu tweak to be quite a stable and convenient application which caters for a lot of user defined features which should have been built in with the Ubuntu operating system.

It also simplifies many general tasks such as disk cleanup and purging unwanted PPAs, which many users may find quite hard to do without the simplified features provided by the Ubuntu Tweak.

Download Ubuntu Tweak