Guake Is A Tabbed Linux Terminal With Hotkey Support & Customization Options

Guake is a customizable drop-down Terminal for Linux based operating systems, with multi-tab and hotkey support. It can be installed on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, ArchLinux and FreeBSD.

The default display of Guake is transparent, however, you can change the text and Terminal background color. Guake also adds the convenience of using hotkeys and tabs to help perform Terminal tasks easily.

The Ubuntu Unity Launcher auto hides when Guake is active.  If you have disabled auto hide for the Unity launcher, then Guake will stay on top of it.


The General tab allows disabling the system tray icon and enabling pop-up notifications for Guake. You can also manage the main window height from the slider at the bottom.


Guake Scroller, can be disabled from the Scrolling tab.


You can change text and background color, from the Appearance tab.


Keyboard shortcuts can be added and viewed from the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

Keyboard shortcuts

Guake can be installed from the following commands in the Terminal:

  • Installation In Ubuntu And Debian

sudo apt-get install guake

  • Installation In Fedora
yum install guake
  • Installation in Gentoo

emerge -av guake

You can also install Guake for numerous Linux versions from download packages available on the developer’s link given below.

Download Guake