How To Clean Ubuntu Cache, Kernels, Config Data And Purge PPAs [Tip]

It can be quite a laborious to remove out dated Ubuntu packages, cache, to purge PPAs and cleanse the kernel. While there are a few individual applications like YPPA Manager which allow purging outdated PPAs, one seldom finds an application which allow performing multiple tasks in Ubuntu (such as the aforementioned) with convenience.

Using the Ubuntu Tweak, you can perform package cleaning tasks easily with the Package Cleaner option. It allows purging PPAs, as well as cleaning the cache, config, and kernels within an to use easy GUI interface.


To perform the above mentioned tasks, you will first require installing the Ubuntu Tweak application. You can it from here.

Once Ubuntu Tweak is installed, go to the Package Cleaner and select a task to perform (e.g. clean packages, cache, config, kernels or Purge PPAs). Once a task is selected, click on Unlock and enter your password.


Select the packages to remove (such as outdated packages) and click on Cleanup. Make sure you do not remove any essential packages to avoid system problems.


This will remove the unwanted packages from your Ubuntu machine.


Using the Ubuntu Tweak package cleaner, you can easily locate, identify and remove outdated and unwanted faulty packages in bulk.

Cleanup sucessful

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