How To Get A Stylish Wallpaper Clock In Ubuntu Linux And Windows

No Doubt Desktop gadgets add color and vigor to our desktops. Some very commonly used gadgets are the ones that display time and date in a stylish way. However, it is worth mentioning here that they can also be obstructive and CPU intensive. If you are interested in getting a stylish display of time and date for your Windows or Linux desktop, then a better way is to use wallpaper clocks. A wallpaper clock is a wallpaper with integrated time and date that auto updates. If you are a Windows user, go to the download link at the end of this post to get these stylish wallpapers (as shown below). However, if you are a Linux user, follow the instructions below to get your set of slick wallpaper clocks.

Wallpaper Clock


Linux users will require installing the Screenlets application, which allows adding more apps like the calculator, clock, calendar, RSS feeds, App menus, etc. You can get Screenlets By entering the following command in the Terminal (Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal):

sudo apt-get install screenlets



Once you have installed Screenlets, you can launch it in Ubuntu from Applications –> Accessories –> Screenlets

To get a wallpaper clock, double click Wallpaper Clock. You can also check the Auto Start option for launching Wallpaper Clock at startup.

system tray

Step1. Download wallpaper clock files from the link given at the end of this post or use the Download Wallpaper Clock option in the right click menu (as shown below).

Step 2. Then choose Install Wallpaper Clock( by right clicking on the clock icon on the desktop).

Step 3. Select a .WCZ file of a downloaded wallpaper clock and click Open.

(This will install the selected wallpaper clock to the list of wallpapers in Screenlets).


Step 4. Simply right-click on the clock again and choose any of the installed wallpaper clocks from Change Wallpaper Clock –> My Wallpapers.


You can download wallpaper clocks in a preferred size to suite your desktop resolution, from the download link given below.


Download Wallpaper Clocks