How To Update To VLC 1.1.10, Pidgin2.8, Filezilla, etc In Ubuntu

PPA for many new packages is often not updated shortly after their release which makes it hard to update existing installations. If you would like to update VLC to 1.1.10 or Pidgin to 2.8.0 in Ubuntu Linux, then see the below details regarding the recently provided Get Deb package. This package will allow you to update your existing installations of VLC, Pidgin, FIlezilla, Unetbootin and others. Information regarding this update was covered by Anderw from webupd8.

First of all you will require installing this Get Deb Package.  In the next step, open the Terminal and enter the below commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

VLC 1.1.10 change log (updates):

  • Security update regarding an integer overflow in xspf demuxer
  • Rewrite of the pulseaudio audio output module
  • Update of libmodplug for security reasons in Windows and Mac versions
  • Major updates in most language translations


Your existing installation for multiple software will be updated for Natty and Lucid. Some installations might not upgrade for Lucid whereas, they are likely to work for Natty (Ubuntu 11.04).

Pidgin 2.8.0 change log (updates) can be found here.


It is worth mentioning here that this packages does update a large number of applications and therefore might not be suitable for people who prefer older versions of some apps. It might take up to 20 minutes or more (depending upon your internet speed), for the update to complete. Enjoy your updates!

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Download Get Deb Package

[via Webupd8]