LiVES: The Video Editing Tool For Novice And Advanced Users (Ubuntu)

Lives is a Linux based video editing tool that combines real time video performance and non-linear editing capability to deliver a dynamic application for beginner and advanced level users. While installing LiVES, you can add additional add-ons , particularly from the Ubuntu Software Center (e.g. MJPEG video capture/editing/playback MPEG encoding add-on). LiVES can be easily installed from the Ubuntu Software Center.

When installing LiVES you can chose clip edit or multi-track editing mode a default startup interface. Interface mode can be changed at anytime (later on) via the Edit drop down menu. To get started you can import a video (from a hard disk, via fire wire device,etc) from miscellaneous options present in the File drop down menu.

Import video

Sing clip editing mode allows editing of a track individually.


The edit drop down menu can be used to switch between modes, merge clipboard with selection and other related cut, copy and paste options. The Play/Tools drop down menus allow clip management options (e.g. rotation, re-sampling, trimming, etc).

Multi Track Mode

The Effects tab has rich features to enhance and alter videos according to specified requirements.


LiVES has many interesting features that are known to be present in advanced editing tools such a Adobe Premiere Pro and therefore, it can be used for professional editing. On top of that, unlike, Premiere Pro it is a free software. Those people who are new to video editing can also use this application with convenience as most options (though quite elaborate) are self explanatory by name and nature.

Download LiVES