Manage Ubuntu Boot Options For Plymouth, Burg & Grub With Super Boot Manager

Super Boot Manger is a comprehensive application for managing Grub Manager, Plymouth and Burg, which are handy applications for Ubuntu boot management. It provides options for installing and managing Grub, Plymouth and Burg from a GUI based interface. This enables easy tweaking with Ubuntu boot options to suit your needs. These include, changing the boot screen theme, setting the default operating system for booting, setting screen resolution, timeout and much more. You can install Super Boot Manager from the below PPA or Download link at the end of this post.


Super Boot Manager can be installed from PPA with the below Terminal commands:

(sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager)

(sudo apt-get update)

(sudo apt-get install buc super-boot-manager)


Once installed, you will require entering the Root password.

Enter Root Password

After that, select a language by double clicking on an option.


Once installed, you can start managing Plymouth, Burg and Grub from the available buttons on the GUI interface.

Super Boot Manager

For example, you can click on Grub Manager button to install it and:

  • Set a default boot operating system
  • Change the GRUB screen resolution and menu time out
  • Remove old kernel or menu entries
  • Tweak text colors
  • Booting an ISO
  • Set a specific background picture

Grub Manager

Similarly, you can use the Plymouth option to:

  • Enable Plymouth
  • Disable Plymouth
  • Select animated boot screens
  • Perform one-click ‘proprietary driver fix which can help Plymouth boot under official drivers


The Burg Manager options include

  • The Installation of Burg in a click
  • Setting the default operating system for booing into
  • Setting screen resolution and timeout
  • Easily installing and enabling new themes


Super Boot Manager can also be downloaded from the download link given below.

Download Super Boot Manager