Scan And Identify Active IPs On A Network From Windows, Mac, Linux

Angry IP Scanner is an open source and cross platform application, which allows scanning for active IPs on a network. You can scan for a specific range of IPs to determine which IP addresses may be available for being assigned to other systems. You can also select a hostname to obtain more in-depth information about it, which can help in creating network inventories.

Enter an IP range to scan, import an IP list from a text file or select the Random option from the drop down list to perform a random IP scan of the network. Click Start to begin scanning. Once the scan is complete, a new window will pop-up and display active hosts found on the network.

Angry IP Scanner

To find out more about a selected host, you can choose Show Details from right-click menu. Other options in the context menu include a Rescan IPs, Delete IPs, Copy IP, Copy Details and the Open menu which can be used to trace route, ping the host, do a Whois lookup, establish an FTP, SSH or Telnet connection, etc.

Context menu

You can also perform a random search of IP addresses being used on a network, in order to identify available IP addresses and to identify active hosts by selecting the Random option from the drop down menu above the Start button.


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