Sparkleshare Syncs Files To Github, Gnome Project & Personal Server [Linux, Mac]

Many developers use project hosting services like GitHub to share codes for their software and to interact with other developers to collaborate for enhancing their developed modules. Such websites allow developers to upload their source codes and software packages to provide them with a software and code distribution platform.

Sparkleshare is a desktop tool for synchronizing project files with Github, Gitorious, Gnome Project or with a personal server. This open source application has versions for Linux and Mac and apps for Windows, Android and iPhone are expected soon. Sparkleshare can be quite handy for developers who might wish to sync their files with their web accounts for supported websites or a personal server.

Sparkleshare can be installed in Ubuntu from the following Terminal commands:

mkdir -p ~/.ssh
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:warp10/sparkleshare
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparkleshare libwebkit1.1-cil git-core
sudo apt-get install python-nautilus

Launch sparkle share from the Unity Dash, enter a full name and email address. Click Next to continue with your configuration.

Sparkle Share

After that, specify a server from a supported websites or add a path to a folder from your personal server. Click on Sync to start synchronization.

Step 2

Sparkleshare can be accessed from the system tray to add or remove folders, access Sparkleshare folder and to turn off notifications. You can place files in your Sparkleshare folder on your local drive to synchronize them with your personal server or an online account.

System Tray

You can download sparkle share for Linux and Mac from the link given below.

Download Sparkleshare