Start, Stop Ubuntu & Debian Services, Scripts With Boot Up Manager

A good tool to configure and customize Ubuntu boot options is Super Boot Manager. However, it does not allow managing Services and scripts.

Boot Up Manager, is a Perl-Gtk2 application for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, which allows easily activating and deactivating operating system Services and scripts. This eliminates the need to configure complex backend options and allows shutting down resource hogging services with convenience.

Boot Up Manager can be installed by entering the below command in a Terminal window.

apt-get install bum

After installing BUM, you can launch it from the Application Menu or the Unity Dash and start managing services and scripts.

  • For active services a glowing light bulb icon is displayed.
  • Whereas, disabled services are displayed with a switched off grey bulb.
  • A dash icon displays services which provide initial settings at boot and don’t run a daemon.
  • A question mark icon is displayed for services for which it cannot be determined if the script is running a daemon.


BUM by default runs in the basic mode, however, you can activate the Advanced mode by checking the Advanced checkbox at the bottom of the Boot Up Manager window. From here, you can manage startup / shutdown services and scripts from right click context menu options.

Ubuntu - VMware Workstation_2011-06-06_17-36-43

Clicking on a service or script will provide additional information regarding its function in relation to the operating system. This can help identify the services and scripts that can be disabled to conserver system resources.