Take Screenshots in Ubuntu & Save Them To Cloud With Lookit

Lookit is a screenshot taking application for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, which allows taking screenshots of an active window, selected area and entire desktop. The screenshot is then saved to the hard drive and can be automatically sent to anFTP server, SSH, Imgur, Omploader or CloudApp. You can also assign custom hotkeys to quickly capture the active window, the whole screen or a selected area. You can get Lookit from the download link given at the end of this post.

Just launch Lookit and set your desired configurations by selecting Preferences from the system tray. You can also use one of the functions visible from here to perform a task, such as taking a screenshot of the active window.

System Tray

Whenever you take a screenshot, a bubble message displays the folder in which your screenshot is saved. The default directory for the saved screenshots is the Pictures folder.

Image Saved

You can change the default folder from the General tab (from Preferences). Other options include shortening the URL when the screenshot is sent online, starting Lookit at startup and deleting the image from the hard drive after it is uploaded to the cloud.


The Hotkeys tab allows setting custom hotkeys. The default keys are:

  • CTRL+ALT+4 to capture selected area
  • CTRL+ALT+5 to capture entire screen
  • CTRL+ALT+6 to capture window


Similarly, the Uploads tab allows setting an upload account to automatically send captured screenshots to. This can include an FTP account or a supported online account such as from Omploader.


You can also select a service which supports uploading images without an account, such as Imgur. In this case you will be able to access the screenshot from the given URL.



Download Lookit

[via OMG Ubuntu]