Best 10 Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds for Java & Bedrock (February 2023)

Best Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds

This list of Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds is your best bet in February 2023 if you’re looking for the largest and most impressive caves.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds for Java & Bedrock (February 2023)

Ancient Lush City

Seed: -156227665

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -648 -696Lush Cave: -648 -696
Village: 208 -224Desert Temple: 168 -164
Ocean Monument: -152 296Village: 136 -296
Large Warm Ruins: 40 -152Large Cold Ruins: 88 -136
Mineshaft: 40 104Shipwreck: -200 152

Best Minecraft Lush Cave seeds 1

For players who want to explore the game’s new features, Ancient Lush City is the best starting point. You begin close to the majority of the overworld biomes. A few hundred blocks away is a vast lush cave that branches into an ancient city and creates one of the most fascinating biome transitions.

Extinct Volcano Caves

Seed:  -3186091622222826829

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave: Below SpawnLush Cave: Below Spawn
Pillager Tower: -150, -330Ruined Portal with great loot: 172, -332
Shipwreck: -682, 539Ruined Portal 2: -333, 370
Ruined Portal: -339, 755Village: -344, -428

A stunning spawn that appears to be a dead volcano. A journey into the crater reveals mushrooms and a dark forest growing out of it. Below is a lush cave system that stretches far and wide.

Flower Fields and Lush Caves

Seed: 1154615264724071950

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -474 8 -240Lush Cave: -474 8 -240
Mineshaft: -440 -232Village: -168 -264
Abandoned Village: 16 -320Village: 200 -328
Village: 272 240Shipwreck: -264 -120
Mineshaft: -200 -56Nether Portal: -504 -248

Best Minecraft Lush Cave seeds 2

There is a Sunflower Field and Flower Forest close to where you spawn, and a short walk away is an Abandoned Village. In case you’re feeling adventurous, a short hike will take you to a nearby Mangrove Swamp, where you can excavate to a massive Lush Cave below, complete with an Exposed Mineshaft.

Holey Lush City

Seed: -1058557249

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: 155 -400Lush Cave: 155 -400
Ancient City: 120 -51 -536Ancient City: 552 -51 -712
Shipwreck: 184 -216Mineshaft: 152 -584
Large Cold Ruins: 328 -232Large Cold Ruins: 184 -136
Nether Portal: 360 -280Nether Portal: 72 -488

In this Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn on top of a swiss-cheese-like sea cliff covered in huge holes. The start of a massive Lush Cave is visible from the holes, making this a stunning location to embark on an exciting new journey. The Ancient City, one of Minecraft’s newest biomes, can be found deep within the Lush Cave.

Holey Mountain Lush Cave

Seed: 958475346566062845

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave: -150 -700Lush Cave: -150 -700
Mansion: -408 -616Jungle Temple: -424 312
Mansion: 616 -664Mansion: 440 -872
Ocean Monument: -840 -744Ocean Monument: -888 -840
Ancient City: -376 -728Ancient City: -264 -712

A vast Lush Cave has formed within the sturdy walls of a large, exposed mountain, making it the ideal location for establishing a nature-themed, weatherproof home. You spawn a few hundred blocks away from this magnificent structure, allowing you to spend your first night in the game in the cozy, plant-filled Lush Cave!

Lush Island Survival

Seed: -5774183300065244295

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mansion: 168 136Ancient City: 24 72
Mansion: -712 280Lush Cave: Below Spawn
Ancient City: 200 -51 -136Ocean Monument: -376 -344
Ocean Monument: -264 -360Village: -744 -408
Lush Cave: Below SpawnOutpost: -856 -536

This is a magnificent seed that contains an incredible Lush Cave beneath a Snowy Taiga Mountain. The spawn is an easily-defended, solitary island, so it is ideally suited as a winter holiday retreat or a home with sufficient resources to survive.

Lush Lake

Seed: -9363014757946759

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -1048 -51 872Lush Cave: -1048 -51 872
Large Cold Ruins: 40 24Village: 392 72
Ancient City: -984 -51 152Outpost: 296 520
Mineshaft: -808 136Nether Portal: 88 328
Nether Portal: 24 280Ancient City: -712 -51 568

You spawn next to a lake in the midst of a massive climate shift in the Minecraft world. Warm biomes can be found on one side of the lake and cold biomes on the other, implying that there is plenty of biome diversity right away.

Lush Open Floor Cave Plan

Seed: 7977544644511621768

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -715 58 90Lush Cave: -715 58 90
Village: -464 -208Village: 104 -232
Village: 0 352Village: 168 200
Village: 368 -240Village/Outpost: 392 -760
N152ether Portal: 152 232Nether Portal: 152 -584

You start just a few hundred blocks away from a Lush Cave that is hundreds of blocks long and has many layers and tunnels that lead off of it. This seed provides a fantastic setting for multiple people to establish a permanent base inside an incredible cave teeming with foliage.

MEGA Lush Cave

Seed: -8855702801489964397

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -689 -295Lush Cave: -689 -295
Desert Temple: -856 40Village: -328 -344
Village: -912 -224Jungle Temple: -216 -376
Desert Temple: -888 -504Village: -776 200
Outpost: -1024 128Mineshaft: -280 -40

Unlike the walls of most caves, which are typically gray or brown, the vast Lush Cave is almost entirely green. You’ll find jaw-dropping waterfalls and layers of miniature pools beyond the lush greenery. This is the best way to experience this extraordinary biome.

Snowy Mountain Lush Cave

Seed: 266623395

Java Key LocationsBedrock Key Locations
Lush Cave: -425 -246Lush Cave: -425 -246
Ancient City: 8 -51 -552Ancient City: -248 -51 -632
Mineshaft: -408 -280Ocean Monument: -360 184
Large Cold Ruins: -472 -232Village: 216 280
Nether Portal: -536 -360Nether Portal: -296 -568

This intriguing Minecraft seed will get your next adventure off to a great start by placing you atop a frozen mountain that has been hollowed out and filled with life. This is an exposed Lush Cave with multiple views of the outside world, making it ideal for an evil lair or a comfortable home.

That concludes our list of the best 10 Minecraft 1.19 Lush Cave seeds for Java and Bedrock in February 2023.