Samsung Phones Through Ages

From the SH-100, the first ever phone of Korean electronics brands founded in 1988, till now, Samsung has taken a long step in mobile phone field.

Here are the impressive mobile phone models of Samsung in the past 25 years:


Samsung SH-100

In 1988, after a while researching and developing, Samsung released SH-100. At that time, the Korean electronics firm could only sell 1,000 to 2,000 devices.


Samsung SH-700

Till 1993, the firm continued to introduce SH-700, one of the “super-lightweight” phones at that time. The device weighs about 100gr.


Samsung SPH A500

Samsung has spent a lot of time and money investing in the flip phones, which were also called “clam shell” phone, but the product didn’t bring back much success as expected. It’s not until 2003, the SPH A500 appeared. This compact and fashionable phone was considered the biggest success of the Korean electronics firm.


Samsung SCH-i600

Also in 2003, Samsung officially entered the smartphone world with SCH-i600, using Windows Mobile 2002 platform. This is also the first 3G phone of the firm. This smartphone supported SD expanded internal storage, Windows Mobile 2002 integrated with Outlook and synchronized contacts, calendar appointments, and email from computer.


Samsung A790

A year later, Samsung launched A790, the first phone operating on both GSM and CDMA. SHP-A790 had 2.35-inch screen, integrated with camera but it also had some limitations such as not supporting phone speaker and conference calls.


Samsung MM-A800

Samsung MM-A800 was the slider introduced in 2005 through Sprint service firm. This was the first 2-megapixel camera-integrated phone in America.


Samsung BlackJack

Samsung BlackJack was the smartphone running Windows Mobile 5 supporting the very attractive 3G-conection and push-mail functions. At that time, Samsung has a fierce battle with RIM because of the full Qwerty-keyboard design, the trackball and the “black” on the product. RIM thought that Samsung was taking used of their name to make the users mistake between BlackBerry and BlackJack. Bypassing all the arguments, Samsung BlackJack was appraised the smartphone of 2007 by the American PCW magazine.


Samsung U600

At the end of 2007, U600 was released and considered the ultrathin and fashionable phone. The most outstanding feature of the phone is its 3.2-megapixel camera. Besides microSD memory card, which could be replaced “instantly”, U600 also had USB and Bluetooth connectivity.


Samsung Behold

Samsung Behold is one of the first phone using TouchWiz touch interface and user interface of Samsung. TouchWiz later becomes the standard of Samsung when starting with Android platform.


Samsung i7500

i7500 was the phone using the first Android OS of Samsung and released in 2009. The product stood out with 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, Wi-Fi connections and a series of pre-integrated apps of Google.


Samsung Galaxy S

With 10 million sold in 2010, Galaxy S is the most successful model of the Korean electronics firm at that moment. Galaxy S created its brand name and reputation for the high-end Galaxy line with Android platform.


Samsung Nexus S

At the end of 2010, Eric Scmidt – CEO of Google introduced Nexus S smartphone, the phone model that was cooperated by Google and Samsung. This was the 3 product from Nexus family and was the first-ever cooperated product between Google and Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone of Samsung till now. The product helped the company from Korea take the market global market share and dethrone the leader position of Apple.


Samsung Galaxy Note

The second-generation Galaxy Note smartphone (Note II) released at Mobile Unpacked 2012 event was the one that affirmed the success of the phablet hybrid-phone devices having the ability to call but equipped with screen over 5 inches and under 7 inches.