Speaker Docks Assemble (Part 2) – Extrememac Luna Voyager II, Sonicgear DA-2001

Audio quality and features

Extrememac Luna Voyager II

Going straight for clear music is this speaker dock. Even after pumping up the volume to 20, the sound quality did not drop. The speaker dock surely isn’t a bass powerhouse but it does its job quite well. Under maximum volume, the bass will get distorted so it is best to leave the volume around the middle to get the best out of it. There is also an accompanying app under the same name as the dock. That’s where all the main controls are. Set up to two alarms in the app, tap sync and it will instantly show on the dock. The source of audio is also accessible via the app making the interface very clean. Few buttons on the dock and control everything else via iDevices.

Sonicgear DA-2001

The SonieGear dock appears promising when it comes to looks but too bad not so much in the audio quality department. Almost halfway through blasting the volume, the bass starts giving out bad vibes and even the music sound distorted. It is more of a personal music player than something you want to use in a party. It comes with a remote and it has the same control offered on the speaker dock. When it comes to setting up alarm, and radio channels, it can be annoying. There is a lot of button that needs attention instead of one button to alternate between different functions.

Logitech Dock

Logitech Dock

After playing a few songs, the audio sounded like it came from afar. It could be that the Bedside Dock’s bass lacking some boost but nothing too major. Regardless of that, it is very easy to control the Bedside Dock. Getting started with it is a no brainer. Just dock any of Apple’s products in and it will sync automatically. Switching between music from the iDevices, radio and external music player is simple as the “Source” button is present. Setting the alarms and tuning the radio can be done even without looking at the manuals.

Doss Rotation Speaker

Doss Rotation Speaker

The Doss Rotation Speaker was built for one purpose only and that is to amplify sound. There are no alarms or any additional feature other than an auxiliary input. Playing music with this speaker dock is just an alright experience as all it do is amplify the music experience. The only way to tune the music is through the iDevices equaliser. Bass for this dock is far from perfect as it gets distorted after only 30-percent of the volume. However, it does have a feature unlike other speakers whereby it can rotate the iDevices 90 degrees counter clockwise. It is sad to say that the feature only helps changing the display from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa. It comes with a remote and it is very straightforward as all the buttons there do what it is told to do.




The Good And The Bad

After countless time blasting PC.com’s office with loud music, the time has finally come. Every speaker docks have its appeal but there can only be one winner. This time the speaker dock that got gold for this month’s mini Showdown is XtremeMac Luna Voyager II. This dock just does everything it was told to do and it executes it almost flawlessly. Also, it is the only dock that comes with an accompanying app making it easier to control.


  • An accompanying app called “Luna Voyager II that simplifies control.
  • Great sound quality coupled with a decent bass equals to pleasant music experience.
  • Comfortable orange glow from the speaker dock.


  • There is no remote control available and that means a lot of walking needed to be done to change music.
  • Because of its low profile, the speaker dock needs to be placed at higher places or users can’t see the time.
  • Audio quality drops the higher users crank up the volume.

Speaker Docks Assemble (Part 1) – Sonic Gear Tatoo 303 2.1, Sonicgear DA-2001