Completely Change Windows 8 Metro Colors With Metro UI Color Changer

It appears that most third-party development efforts after the release of of Windows 8, have produced applications to tweak the Metro UI. I have covered a number of Windows 8 tweaks such as , Windows 8 Start Tweaker, Metro Controller and Metro UI Tweaker. Recently, I cam across another Windows 8 tweak for the Metro UI, which is designed to transform the look of Metro based elements.

Metro UI Colors Changer is a portable software that allows you to change the colors of the Windows 8 Metro elements, including the logon screen and Metro tiles.

With the help of this free tool, you can change Windows 8 Metro colors by the following method:

Step 1: Launch Metro UI Color Changer and click on the green tile icon next to a given option (e.g. Start Screen & logon Screen).

Step 2: Select a color from the window that pops up. This will be assigned as the new color for the selected category. Do this for each element that you wish to change the color for. The available elements for which you can alter colors include, the Windows 8 start screen, logon screen, start screen tiles and tile fonts, charms sidebar/ sidebar tiles, sidebar item hover and sidebar selected items.

Step 3: Click Change All to apply the selected colors.

Windows 8 (Snapshot 1) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_2011-10-14_17-44-00

This will change the look of your Windows 8 Metro UI elements. Metro UI Color Changer seems to lack in terms of being able to completely change the Metro background color. However, the color of other items is transformed according to your selected colors. To revert the changes, launch Metro UI Color Changer once more and click Restore All (to get the default green look).

Windows 8

Similarly, the lock screen color can be changed with a single solid color.

Logon Screen

Lets hope that Microsoft makes it easy to customize the Metro user interface, in the final version of Windows 8. For now, you can use these tweaks to experiment with the look of your Windows 8 operating system.

Download Metro UI Color Changer