RE4 Remake – Release date time (PS5, Steam & Xbox), remake changes, and more

RE4 Remake release date

This article will go over some frequently asked questions about RE4 Remake, including its release date, changes from the original game, and more.

RE4 Remake release date time

Release date

The release date for RE4 Remake is set for Friday, March 24, 2023. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles, as well as the PC.

There is no Xbox One version of the game in the works at the moment. That means Xbox players will need to own a newer, current-generation Xbox Series S or X console to play Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Release time

Platform Release Time
PlayStation 4 and 5 March 24, Midnight (Local Time)
Xbox Series X|S March 24, Midnight (Local Time)
PC March 24, Midnight (UTC)

Is there a demo for RE4 Remake?

Capcom released the ‘Chainsaw Demo’ for Resident Evil 4 Remake late on March 9. The demo is playable for as long as you like during the game’s famous opening village ambush sequence, unlike some previous Resident Evil demos.

This small part of Resident Evil 4 Remake gives players a taste of what to expect in the full game. It also gives them a chance to play a section of gameplay that is unlikely to be replicated exactly when the full version drops, making it a unique experience all unto its own.

How does this remake differ from the original?

Resident Evil 4 received numerous accolades upon its release, including Game of the Year awards from multiple publications, with critics praising the game’s graphics, gameplay mechanics, and story. High expectations exist for what Capcom may be able to accomplish with the remake.

Resident Evil 4, like its predecessors Resident Evil 2 and 3, is a complete reimagining of the original game that adds new features to bring it in line with what players would expect if the game were released in 2023. However, the game does not simply take advantage of nearly 20 years of technological progress to present a game that looks like a modern-day marvel – though new graphical features such as ray tracing and a 4K presentation will undoubtedly make it look visually appealing.

Capcom has also tweaked level designs, story beats, and even enemy encounters, so even if you’re familiar with the original’s workings, you’ll be caught off guard by a few surprises, whether it’s a narrative arc that plays out slightly differently than you remember, or a remixed enemy encounter that will have you ripping up your tactical playbook.

From a gameplay standpoint, the changes may not be as obvious as they were in the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. The original versions of those games featured static camera shots of your character moving through the world, with their respective remakes reimagining them as third-person, over-the-shoulder action-adventure games.

Although Resident Evil 4 already had an over-the-shoulder camera view, Capcom will have made all the necessary adjustments to make the 2023 remake feel brand new and responsive; in fact, it is said to be the first game in the series to offer six different control schemes, one of which is based on the original’s.

How to upgrade RE4 Remake PS4 to PS5

Physical Edition

To upgrade your copy of the game to the PS5 version, follow the steps below. You will need a PS5 console with a disc drive to do this. PS4 game discs are incompatible with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

  • Sign into your PSN account on your PS5 console.
  • Insert your PS4 Resident Evil Remake game disc.
  • Go to the game hub – the big tile at the top with the disk logo – that should pop up with ‘Resident Evil 4’.
  • Select the ‘Upgrade’ offer on the game hub, and review the details.
  • Select ‘Download’ to download the game.

You should be able to play after downloading. Keep in mind that you’ll need the disk in the drive every time you want to play, and that your disk must be from the same region as the PSN network account you’re using.

Digital Edition

  • The digital version is more straightforward, although a majority of the steps are the same.
  • Sign into your PSN account on your PS4 console
  • Find the PS5 game on the PlayStation Store – or use the Search function to find it.
  • On the game hub, select the ‘Upgrade’ offer on the game hub, and review the details.
  • Select ‘Download’ to begin downloading the game.

When your download is finished, your game should be ready to download and play, and you can delete the PS4 version from your console’s hard drive as you see fit.