Shift Current Window In One Click When Using Dual Monitors, Dual Swap

When working in a multi-monitor setup, it can be quite tedious to periodically switch application windows from one monitor screen to another. Dragging and dropping a window often results in resizing it due to “Aero Snap”. This can result in accidental clicks which launch or close applications unnecessarily. A better way of transferring a window can be to use DualSwap. It is a free software, which allows shifting the current window from one monitor to another in a single click. The transferred window also retains its actual size.

Once you launch this portable software, it sits in the system tray and adds two extra buttons on top of the current window. You can click on these buttons to transfer the current window across multiple monitors.

Dual Swap

You can pause or stop Dual Swap anytime, from the system tray menu. For example, you can click on Pause Script, to prevent the extra buttons from appearing (until re-enabled). Likewise, you can use the Exit option to close Dual Swap. There is also a Suspend Hotkeys option, but no hotkey has been specified by the developer.

System Tray

One thing that I found a bit irritating about Dual Swap is that it automatically registers itself to start with system start up at first run. While some users might find this feature to be convenient, I believe that applications should always ask for permission before registering to start with the computer automatically. In case you would like to find out when an application tries to change system registry without your permission, then check try StartupEye.

DualSwap is an open source software that works on:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Download DualSwap