Sync Notes With Your PC, Android, iPhone, iPad & Linux With is a note taking application for Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad which allows synchronizing notes between your computer, online account and mobile device. It allows settings tags, dates with notes, with options to schedule important notes. All notes are synced with your multiple devices via your account.


To start adding notes, you will require logging in with a account. You can add notes from the Add (+) button and set tags and schedule the note from the available options. The Inbox contains all current notes, you can delete a note by hitting the Delete key.


To manually sync notes, access settings from the system tray to synchronize notes between your PC (or Linux machine), online account, Android or iPhone device.

System Tray

Synchronization schedule can also be selected from the Sync tab (Settings). You can also set custom hotkeys from the shortcut tab  and quickly add tasks from the General tab.


You can login to your online account anytime to further manage your notes and view the notes calendar.


All tasks present in the desktop application can be acquired from the online account, with additional options such as adding contacts.


The Android app contains the same functionality as the online account and the desktop application.

Doitdevice has versions available for

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Linux based operating systems
  • Android
  • iPhone & iPad


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