Test Hard Drive Read, Write Speed In Mac OS X Lion & Leopard With Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Disk Speed Test (by Blackmagic) is a hard disk benchmarking application for Mac OS X. It quickly measure and certifies the read/write rate of your hard disk, so that you can access it’s performance and quality. This can be quite useful to determine if your hard drive is slowing down due to some reason or if it requires some sort of tweaking to enhance it’s speed. For example, sometimes a Continue Reading →

Calculate USB Flash Drive Read & Write Speed With USBFlashSpeed

USBFlashSpeed is a portable software for testing the optimum read and write speed of your USB drive. this can help you determine your USB drive’s maximum potential for transferring data. Such calculations can also be helpful in identifying if your USB flash drive has any issues (such as errors) which may be hindering it’s functionality. There are also a number of benchmarking result present on the developer’s websites (link given Continue Reading →