Calculate USB Flash Drive Read & Write Speed With USBFlashSpeed

USBFlashSpeed is a portable software for testing the optimum read and write speed of your USB drive. this can help you determine your USB drive’s maximum potential for transferring data. Such calculations can also be helpful in identifying if your USB flash drive has any issues (such as errors) which may be hindering it’s functionality. There are also a number of benchmarking result present on the developer’s websites (link given at the end of this post) which can help you identify your USB’s expected data transfer rate at numerous file sizes.

Just select your USB from the Drive drop down menu and click Benchmark button to begin testing the USB read and write speed.

Select USB

This will start generating a graph according to your USB’s read and write speed.The Read rate is displayed with a green line, whereas, the write rate is displayed in red color. Benchmarking stats are shown  in a list on the main interface.  Once the test is complete, you will be able to determine the precise read and write rate of your USB at different data transfer levels. For example, your USB might function better at higher transfer rates like read or write rate of 15MB rather than lower levels such as 1 MB.


Once the test is complete, a URL will be provided for viewing the summarized result from the developer’s website.


The result on the developer’s page will provide you with the USB model, serial number, manufacturer’s name, USB size, and the read/write speed. You can also check out the various USB types and their calculated speeds from the website’s home page.


USBFlashSpeed works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download USBFlashSpeed